Traveling Single Doesn’t Mean You Are Alone

You might think that traveling alone is boring if you’ve never done it. Not at all. These are my experiences and tips for solo travel. Before you start, I want to ask why anyone would travel alone.

Travel alone has many benefits

I have been all over the globe, from just a few days to several months. I have traveled solo and with others. Both are my favorite and I don’t mind traveling with a companion. It’s fun. There are many benefits to traveling solo:

1. Traveling alone is a great way to travel without relying on others. You will likely find a friend willing to go with you on vacation for one week. What if you are looking to trek across South America or Asia for three months or even a whole year? What number of people do you know who have the time and money to do this? I don’t have the money or time to travel alone. Friends are welcome to join me on part of my trip if they wish.

2. Single travel is the ultimate indulgence. Traveling alone is the ultimate self-indulgence. You can travel wherever you like and do whatever you want, whenever you want, without worrying about anyone else. Does that sound selfish? You think it is selfish?

3. Traveling alone can lead to more encounters. This is how it works. It’s very easy to stay close to your friend and just hang out with them. You don’t need to make new friends if you already know your friend. If you’re traveling alone, it’s a good idea to start talking to others. Because they are more closed-off, single travelers are less likely than others to approach them in pairs or groups. You don’t believe me? It’s easy to do in a local bar.

Isn’t it boring to travel alone?

You don’t have to travel alone. The third benefit is mentioned above: Single travelers meet more people. In fact, in all of the years I was single and traveled, I had a companion almost every time. How does that happen? It’s simple: I traveled from Western Europe to India by land. My initial plan was to travel alone. However, I spent a week in Russia with some Russian friends. Then, I traveled for a month in Siberia with some Swedish men I met while on the train. I traveled in Tibet with a Canadian girl, and a Dutch man. In Nepal I traveled for two weeks with an American girl, and met some of the people I had seen in Tibet.

Is it boring to travel alone? Not at all! The good news is that even though they became my friends, it didn’t mean I had to travel with them. I could simply go left when they turned left: Benefit number 2: Single travel is the ultimate self indulgent.

Here are some tips for solo travel

1. Hostels are a great option. Couchsurfing is a great option
3. Bars/clubs are a great place to go.
4. Meet locals by getting off the beaten track
5. Be open-minded. This is true for both solo travel and with others.

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